Friday, September 11, 2009

Ensmallened Scope

The knee is incrementally better.. I actually slept some last night and even the cab ride to work wasn't horrible (I mean, it hurt and all, but I didn't feel like barfing!).

I have an ice-pack because Yvonne angeled her way up to Seoul two nights ago and in a suprise visit brought food and the ice-pack. It's actually a hot-cold thing, so I suppose this weekend I can do alternating compresses.

It's funny to walk so slowly. I take my legs for granted and having one NOT work is a drag for non-pain related reasons. Inverted-L-shaped little old grammas now go shooting past me on the hill to my house! Oh the embarassment. Putting shoes on is an ordeal (actually socks are worse). Even sitting down becomes an adventure, particularly in chairs that have wheels and would like to dump me on my ass if they get the chance. Walking is funny also - things I used to race by are now landmarks in my turtling my way to and from work.

Oh well, off to the Division office for advice on a doctor/hospital..


Anonymous said...

remember the motorcycle accident victim at Chabot(?) and how you were not allowed to pick him up as he chased the wheeled chair?
Also: has Yvonne signed on for crip duty as a bride?
Seriously, hope it is better soon.

Anonymous said...

Get thee to a doctor, sir!

Also: Yvonne had her turn at being the crip. Time for her to be the nurse, I'd say.