Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sinking Slowly...

As I plod through all the things I need to learn to make my review of "The Dwarf" complete I am reading "Measured Excess: Status, Gender, and Consumer Nationalism in South Korea."

Which is a traditionally theory-laden and fucked-up academic title attached to a book full of insight. Really, why don't you just title it "My Advisor was a Feminist Commie (who got beat up every day in high school)?" Not that there is anything wrong with feminists or economic critics, but for fuck's sake..

Anyway.. I read this brilliant work while the BAG is in the other room watching "Titanic." Which I watched for a bit, amused at the clear homoerotic bits that preceded the 'traditional' narrative. Leonardo DiCaprio is buggering his best friend at the front of the ship (this is an actual scene, watch more closely), before he saves the queen at the aft. It's all a bit odd.

But as I read, the BAG comes in during breaks and gives me plot summaries. For about an hour the movie has shocked and awed even her timetables and reporting ability. Her summary is now, GARP style, reduced to, "it's still sinking."

Which is a horrible thing to say about a ship, or a movie...

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Anonymous said...

that movie was crap, and can I just say the ending was SOOOOO predictable!