Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm On Another Planet With You...

I always flirt with death
I look ill, but I don't care about it
I can't face your threats
And stand up straight and tall and shout about it
I think I'm on another world with you
(with you)
I'm on another planet with you
(with you)

You get under my skin
I don't find it irritating
You always play to win
But I won't need rehabilitating
I think I'm on a nother world with you
(with you)
I'm on another planet with you...

The work week ends, with more work piled on top of the planning process and me reacting by taking a holiday day out of sheer spite. As traditional, catching a cold the evening before I head off for holiday frolic. Going out in the big water on a crab boat and probably primarily taking pictures. Then a trailer-park crab-fest Thanksgiving. If the illness persists I will keep myself well medicated with Nyquil and booze, if needed. Heck, I still have the lion's share of the Codeine I got when my knee was bad. Illness and booze and drugs? Trailer Parke and Nyquil? This could be a perfect vacation. To ease the pain of living, the pain of illness, and the pain of people, the BAG and I will be staying at this rustic guesthouse on the coast. And booze and drugs.. did I say that? Then, probably, send the BAG home and hunker down and write like a madman..

Just now the BKF pops up on IM and notes that my rewrite of the Choi Sehui piece is much better but still needs some tightening up. Since the rewrite was a frantic response to finally printing the piece out and realizing how gawdawfully CRAP it was, this is a heartening response. Several points pop out of this. First, I should always print my shit out while editing it - onscreen editing is bizarre and granular and I suck at it. Second, I like working collaboratively. I think I should shortly (cause you know, I'm short) write out the formal explanations for each of those things, just so I have them near and dear to my brain as I write. I guess the third point is how much I like the initial exploratory process of writing, hate the middle bit, and then love the editing and, if there is time, following my own, often simple and naive, arguments and examples down on Google and Questia to see what other people have written about them. This often opens up awesome (hideous?) new vistas of awareness and then the editing process turns to raw addition and then the beauty of trying to hack something tight and pleasing from the newly clayed piece.

But for now.. I need to drink a lot of Whiskey to protect against the oncoming cold.

Don't worry, I pop an Airborne in each one!

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Ooooh... an occasional table!
Happy Thanksgiving!