Friday, November 30, 2007

Birthday day, today...

Birthday undercoverish, as usual. Get to a certain age and the celebration has bled out of the thing. I had to go to work for a "Big Planning Meeting." This is unusual as I have always taken my birthday day off and, if people don't know my birthday, they have a certain inbred sense that looking for me near the end of November is fruitless.

The folks in Outreach purchased some delicious pastries and we had a little meet and greet at the information desk. These foo's have known me far to long to not know my birthday but since they have known me that long they also know big ceremony appalls me. So that was cool.

Everything else was on the downlow til about 2:30 when I checked my cell-phone. Which is pretty broken and so to hear messages I have to turn the little external speaker. So I head into my office which I share with our fine Indian (malaria, not smallpox) Webmaster. I sat down, put the celly on my desk, and let the messages run. 3 were business shit, but the 4th one, to my horror, began with my BS saying hello and then busting straight into a chorus of "happy birthday."

My age and alcohol addled reflexes were nowhere near quick enough to slap the thing off of my desk and shut off the message.

I look up and the Ind. Web. is looking at me with a look of infinite sadness and regret.

"It is your birthday? I am very sad. You should have told me this thing."

Every time I come back into my office he launches into this mixed sadness/anger thing about why I hadn't told him. Oh, and he goes into the next room and announces it to my Workstudy Student, the Instructional Tech, and a couple of instructors.

Now, somehow, I'm apologizing on my birthday.

Odd but amusing.

At least he later turned to trying to claim that another birthday meant I had become wiser.

Amazing how you can share an office with someone and the still don't know you!!

And damn you BS, damn you to HAAAAAAYEEEELLLLL!

After that.. watched a half of the excellent fooball game, drank some beer, and headed home for one of them dwarf bottles of champagne. BAG coming over later, but I'm so tired it will be one of those romantic sleep-ins that only old couples can do. ;-)

Sky Nest has just officially passed The Dwarf with its 10th real revision. I save them all so I can marvel at the dumb shit I initially wrote and also at the stupidity of what I have cut out.

So, it's like, process or some shite....

Now... some Physical Grafitti as loud as them speakers go... and dreamless, dreamless sleep..


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should get your cell phone fixed. Just a thought.

yer sis

rwellor said...

No way, that would

1) Make it possible for people to reach me, and,

2) Eliminate hilarity such as I had yesterday...

Anonymous said...

Well I hope you at least listened long enough to hear that the English Bird and her two Boychiks have booked tickets and will actually be chez moi on the 15th for the "Big Partay"!