Monday, April 09, 2012

The Savagery or MT (Membership Training)

Membership training is as Borgoriffic as it sounds - all the Freshmen are bused off to parts away from the school and forced to drink together for 24 hours, with all kinds of games being played, food being eaten and, generally, sleep being ignored.

It's the quick way, I suppose to build a team.. sleep-deprive people, pump them full of drugs, and force them to play group games.

Communism, I tell you!

I caught a ride out with the other professors, and we stopped in at a fish restaurant for dinner ahead of time.  This disk is something like " 아주 찜" I didn't quite catch the name. Quite tasty though, some noodles, crispy bean sprouts and a fish chopped up in there..
 All other kinds of banchan out there for your perusal.

Then it was on to the actual event, where we caught the kids just finishing their dinner and heading into the drinking room.

I latched on to a group of heavy-drinking good-English-speakers and we bullshat the time away until it was time for the professors to go, to let the students really get into their bottles.
As always, a grand time, and I was the only foreign professor there, which has to count for me in some obscure way?^^

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Paul Ajosshi said...

That dish is 아귀찜 (Agu Jjim sometimes written as 아구찜) - stewed monkfish.