Sunday, April 08, 2012

In October they opened Gyeongbokgung and Yvonne and I braved the chill. It was worth it..

 Kyeonghoe-ru is the largest pavilion in South Korea and has been designated National Treasure #224. Supported by 48 stone pillars and set in a lotus pond, the pavilion was a favored place for the King to entertain visiting dignitaries. King Taejo, founder of the Chosun Dynasty and builder of Gyeongbok Palace, had the pavilion erected on this man-made lake in the western section of the palace. He named Kyeonghoe for "joyous meeting."

 Yvonne, hamming it up for the camera..

Keunjeong-jeon, the royal throne hall is Korea's largest surviving wooden structure. Kings conducted state affairs, held official functions, and received foreign envoys here. Built in 1394, high ranking officials assembled in this court to pay respect to their kings.

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