Saturday, March 31, 2012

The House Continues to come together

We received delivery of our mattress today, which means that we are no longer sleeping on top of several thin pads (intended for use on an ondol floor) on top of a bedframe which is a bit rickety.

The bedframe was a gift of the Garbage Gods™. Someone had tossed an entire bed because the bedframe had a snapped off leg. I wasn't willing to grab a mattress that had been out in the street (and slept on by gawd knows who), but the bedframe was different, so I wrangled it up the hill.

My first attempt at improviso man included the original snapped off leg, but that was a bit dicey and so the leg was replaced by a plastic pot intended for flowers. Solid as a rock!

Now, with the mattress on top, it's a beautiful thing and I can go out and find some kind of bedside table to put the lamp, speakers, nasty plastic novelties, surgical tubing and my works.


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Anonymous said...

is the bed crooked or the picture?