Monday, October 12, 2009

Stupid is as stupid does..

Had a great weekend. Some confusion on Friday night about an editing job that never came in, but on Saturday I went to my new Korean language class at the ungodly hour of 10 am. Yvonne got up and headed up Namsan to chill, sort of, in the sun. Later in the day, James showed up and Yvonne went off, again, to Namsan, but this time with our friend Margaret. James and I bachelored about until.. oh... 8:45 or so and then returned home old and defeated!

So sad. There was a day when I could drink until nearly 10!

Sunday was all about bookshopping, and I picked up a Pak Wan-seo short novel that it will be convenient to read as it will give me background on her style for the review I'm doing for Korean Journal on her autobiography/novel. James had to head back down to Busan, so Yvonne and I had lunch and then headed back onto the town.

Finally, time to return, and at Geongdeok station, transferring to line 6, the train pulled into the station as we came around the corner.

Preparing myself for the sprint to the train, I carefully placed my left foot upon the instep of my right shoe and ... and... began to tumble to the ground.

Three good sprinter's steps and my struggle to stay aloft was over.

I went in headfirst, but kind of on top of my backpack, which was loose on my right shoulder.

I got up with some pain.. mainly in my left chest (no doubt a heart-attack).. but mainly embarassed and, got the train!

Get home to check out the damage to my gear (laptop and camera and lenses were in the backpack) and fire up the computer, which works... but the screen looks like some kind of bad modernist painting.


camera and the rest of the gear is OK, but I will be buying that new laptop a couple of months before I thought I would. There goes my fantasy that some mysterious benefactor would buy me some top o the line shite for my b-day!

Thank god BKF brought an old laptop to Korea on his last visit... at least I have something to type on!

I will send this in the morning, if my broken rib does not puncture my heart....


Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side -- you have health insurance.

Anonymous said...

We can't waste your valuable experience of tumbling onto your embarrassment and a broken laptop. Hence...

(be) ashamed;shameful;embarrassed.
Usage (verb) 어제 지하철 계단에서 넘어져서 아주 창피했어요.
Usage (adjective) 어제 아주 창피한 일이 있었어요. 지하철 계단에서 넘어졌거든요.

a slang term of 창피하다.
Usage (verb) 어제 계단에서 넘처져서 정말 쪽팔렸어요.
Usage (adjective) 어제 아주 쪽팔린 일이 있었어요. 지하철 계단에서 굴렀거든요. that you don't need to stay up until 8:45 pm trying to figure out how to say it in Korean. :)

I'm glad you're okay.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh... now I know what you were talking about last night! I had no clue! LOL. Sorry your tech (and you) took a dive (again). Glad you're alright and have a fun new toy to play with - even if bad timing, with the birthday coming up and all. Now you'll just have to find something else shiny and extravagant to ask your mysterious benefactor for...