Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How I avoid work....


gotta finish these last 12 pages of editing for a book chapter about Korean religious history (which I am now pretty much of an expert on, for a layman) and instead it makes me wander off and write my blues song (though it seems all choruses and no verses) about my need for faith healing....

I really suck when addressed as a productivity vector...

I need an answer for a heel -
a stripper named Faith or Grace?
A red-wine benediction -
drawing a halo on my face?

Perhaps a charismatic minister
To bring me to my knees
To put his hand upon my head
And cure me of my disease

Baby I need faith healing,
or medical attention.
Cause I got a sickly feeling,
and no faith that I could mention.

No wings on my scuffed heels
Angels wouldn’t touch my shoes
And I can’t say exactly how it feels
Wishing I had a thing to lose.

I want me the healing tent
A white man in a white suit
Plastic chairs and plastic hair
The promise of God’s fruit

Baby I need faith healing,
or medical attention.
Cause I got a sickly feeling,
and no faith that I could mention.

fade ooot.....

Walking on these scuffed heels
I gotta get outta town…
Living here without faith
And no doctor hanging round..

No doctor hanging round…

LOL.. finally done with the edit... couldn't send until I fin.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


Anonymous said...

And that, my friend, was the essence of Structured Procrastination. Bravo.


Anonymous said...

That is NOT a blues song. All blues songs require that the first line (if not the entire first stanza) be repeated.

And singing about, black cats, red houses, women who won't squeeze your lemon and certainly about owing rent wouldn't hurt.....

No dogs, horses, trucks or whining--that's Country.

Yer sis

Charles Montgomery said...


I would like to ask for a special exemption cause..

1) Aight, I'm pretty white

2) the "heal/heel" motif is pretty much there in each first line except for one stanza. And the lesser theme of failed religion in there should surely pull it together a bit.

And, to be honest.. I typed that shite as I was trying to avoid real work.. so.. that should count for something?


a special exemption is pretty cool, if you think about it...


Zero %"
"dogs, horses, trucks"

and "whining," I would claim, is the heart of da blooz..

which, tragically, I would add as final comment, is totally disrespected here in Korea...

No love..