Sunday, August 16, 2009


MAF sends the quote:

"if your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt."
- henry j. kaiser

and in her understated internet way asks the related question:

nice, eh?

yeah.. but really.. isn't that the "bitch question?"

everything interrupts and we have become a less interruption averse culture as shit like the telephone, intarwebs (as a social tool), and advertising have started fracturing everything.

Every once in a while I have this fantasy. It involves no people, because people are the interruptus.

In it I am transported to some kind of cabin (all the mod cons, of course) and stranded there. All I can do is read and write.

In some versions of this fantasy I have no coffee or booze, in others I have ample supplies of both.

But the main point is there is NO interruption unless an eagle dive-bombs the pad.

The fantasy ends there, of course, because I would have to then imagine doing something creative, and that is beyond the pale, suspension of disbelief, or even reality. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Count Monte Christo?

Dream on, man!


Anonymous said...

More like Theodore Kaczynski...