Friday, August 21, 2009

The Grind Down to the Grind (and some good news)

Been a long time since I posted here as I have been working on projects, small and large.

I've been editing like a madman on various pieces that just keep flying in on the mojo-wire.

Still getting my classes for Fall together. I refuse to go through the kind of chaos that last semester was. While my evaluations rose steadily, I'm still an egotistic little shit who wants to be at the top of the list, and I wasn't. It hurt my little ego.

Finally I've been working on the whole lit-deal, such as it is, over at Morningcalm.

The good news being that a semi-big article I wrote about translated Korean lit is just now published on the Sat-Sun Korea Herald (you can see it here - I am also the skilled photographer who didn't notice his own fat shadow on the pavement!).

I saw an article on Korean Lit in the Herald last Sunday and was kind of surprised, since the Herald is an English newspaper, that it only talked about works in Korean. On reflection this was not too surprising, since I bet many English-savvy Koreans pick up the English-newspapers to keep in practice. Still, on Monday I sat me down and slapped out about 1K words on good Korean Lit in translation. Gave it a once-over on Tuesday morning and it went skidding back out over the mojo-wire.

Wednesday I got a response that they wanted to publish on Saturday, but needed something graphic. The scan I sent of some of my body-parts was deemed too graphic in one sense, and not impressive enough in another. So I grabbed all the books and scanned the covers (which is what had been the graphic interest in the piece I first saw to start all this). But in the text of the article I named a couple of bookstores and in my email I said pictures were available.

Which is how I ended up out in the rain on Thursday afternoon, taking pictures and eventually meeting a lovely Canadian couple who I went out with for beers..

LOL.. all good... I got another publication for not much work and it's on the lit-tip...

And today was drop-dead gorgeous in Seoul - not so humid, a bit windy, even a hint of cool. Graduation day between terms so happy kids and parents running around between the colored parasols of flower-sellers; determined ajummas twisting roses and wrappings into photographs.


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