Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A slightly smarter scammer..

Bernie Madoff's wife would like me to help!


My name is Ruth Madoff, as you can aware that my husband has been sent to 150 years imprisonment, please I want you to assist me and claim this funds out of this bank now before it too late.

I know you can do it for me, this is not a matter that we need to discuss over and over at all, bellow is the account details and you can check this account online.

Bank Website:
Account username : Bmadoff
Account password : bernie

Customer Account Log out

Welcome Bmadoff!

Online Statement of Accounts
Account Number: EPF/UK/ONL/06524677
Account Holder: BERNARD L. MADOFF
Holder's Address: 2100 McKinney Ave, Suite 800, Dallas, TX,USA
Holders's Phone Number : 206-338-6347
SID Serial: 2435-5757-9898
Account Type: Transit Account
Account Balance: 59,700,000.00
Click here to view full account details Click here to make Funds Transfer

Please contact the account officer on this email urgently.


Anonymous said...

Every penny those two had were ill gotten gains. Take it ALL away. Don't send her to jail, I don't want to support her. I suggest she search Craig's List for a job. The IRS and FTC needs to have someone watching every transaction she makes to make sure the secret accounts are never accessed.


Anonymous said...

...whoa....think of all the "star tears" it can buy....intoxicating just to think about it....


Anonymous said...

maybe she needs a new husband to help her with the assets.

Anonymous said...

This is worse than "cross-posting"!