Monday, July 06, 2009

The day after the 3rd of July

means nothing in Korea.

so we headed out to art. There was a Renoir exhibit at the downtown museum and we headed to it.

Not before grabbing a Korean take on the donut. It looks western, but the dough (I think I've said this here before) is much more breadlike and if you wipe the granulated sugar off the outside it is unhealthy, but probably not lethal.

Here is Yvonne enjoying it.

Then it was to the museum.

The short version is that a little bit of Renoir goes a very long way. Pastelish visions of piano players, nudes, matrons, and couples, mostly suspended in a a middle-ish nowhere by Renoir's habit of painting indistinct backgrounds, grew thin very quickly.

Note - Yvonne is such a dwarf she could barely get up into the cutout

Fortunately there were two other exhibits. One was Dissonant Visions which was pretty cool. A fellow blogger was bold enough to ignore the "no photo" zone and a quick look here will show what it looked like.

The coolest thing by far were the monsters made out of tires. I wrote the artist's name down on a bit of paper, but proving once again that I am better looking than smart (and I'm ugly as hell), I have lost the bit of paper.

Which means I also don't have the name of the Korean artist who had a totally cool exhibit she had painted (by "had" I'm assuming she's dead, as she was born in 1924) in various places around the world. She had really picked up some of the local style in a very non-Korean way.

Certainly the two "surprise" exhibits were way more satisfying than the Renoir.

Still, all three exhibits were for what would add up to 7 bucks in the US.

In New York you wouldn't have got bad coffee and some key marks on your car for that kind of scratch.

After, we went to a Galbi-Tang joint. It was a little expensive, but holy cow ("cow!") did it include large ribs o beef. Then a walk through Namdaemun market, some bookshopping and the evening ended with a rooftop celebration of the 4th of July and a bit of of retroactive Canada Day.

Just another splendid day.

My suicide is postponed until next week. Earliest!


Anonymous said...

That looks like a great "day after the third of July"! And Y looks waaay too happy eating her "not a doughnut"....

Don't forget--that BIG day in our family is coming up! Yes, you got it--Bastille Day! The day that holds so much meaning for us as a family--ah July 14th! What a day! A day to celebrate "La Belle Mere"--yes France!

"La Belle Mere"--a warm, loving, tender, funny, smart, democratic (small "d") mother to us all....

Mere? ...Mother? Did I say "Mother"? Hmm, some bell is ringing--whatever could it be? Hmm...July...Mother...Day of celebration.... I have thius nagging feeling I'm forgetting *something*.

Ah well, I have a few days to figure it out.....


Charles Montgomery said...


I presume you mean her birthday which I, so cleverly, have on my laptop calendar?

What does one get a woman who is hiding out in Colorado?

PS .. MSM also warned me this was coming.

I think she's trying to see how many gift opportunities for me she can avoid while I still send/bring aspensive gifts for The Land of Tomorrow. ;-)

Anonymous said...

am I mssing something about expensive gifts 75-50, what the YSM (smewhere in the wilds of Colorado -- dinner at Le Bosquet with the Ehrlichs tonight in crustd butt.

Korean Rum Diary said...

For 4th July last year I went to Camp Walker in Daegu, and there were fireworks that literally rocked the city... Car alarms were screeching everywhere and adjummas were dropping dead in fright. They thought the North had finally come.

Anonymous said...

Dang! That woman can EAT!!