Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where the A.C.'s cold, and the girls still strip

I'm going back to Cali...

The trip out began uneventfully, if slowly. Coffee and chat with the parents, getting BAX onto an IM client so we can chat when I’m in the (blood-hemorrhage) soup. A quick trip to Brownsville which has what must be close to the world’s smallest “international” airport. It has recently acquired another gate, which puts it up to 2.5 gates in total. My guess is they are never used at the same time.

The airport has a lovely bar, but it is outside of the “secured” area, and the secured area also lacks bathrooms. Probably because it is too expensive to build two bathrooms that have carpeted walls – I’m not sure I’d ever seen that before and I’m really not sure if it is hygienic. So I had two quick beers, went to the bathroom, and then through a pretty lax security check. It was the first place in some time that didn’t open my computer to ensure it wasn’t some brilliant kind of bomb.

Also, since my flight was on my original itinerary, I was not “selected by the computer” for the cheap feel out session in the glass booth. The second time I was selected this way (on my ill-fated trip in) was because my flight had been cancelled and therefore I was catching a flight out the next day. The TSA told me this and I wondered how clever a terrorist-mastermind he thought I must be – After all I had gone to all the trouble of making it rain in Houston and having Continental schedule their pilots incorrectly. I must be a kind of super-genius! Alas, I had forgotten my plan and bomb, so here I am, leaving Brownsville again.

Leaving the parents was the closest I have come to realizing what Korea will be like. Sure, I only see them once or twice a year, but I can be there in 5 hours, on the spur of the moment, anytime I want. That’s straight out the window in aa week or so…

It’s also worth noting that within two minutes of BAX getting his IM client, the BAG was gabbing wildly with him, including this classic line about the BAG and I:

“Since Heroic Narrator (that’s me folks) and I have poked each other’s eyes out and don’t see each others flaws, I think we’ll get along just fine.”

Well, I knew it had to be something!

Clownsville has a wireless network, but it blocks blogger, forums, and Internet Messaging. How odd.

Whatever. The plane in from Houston has landed, so I imagine we will be loading as soon as the honeyed peanuts can be restocked..

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Anonymous said...

don't fret. you've got plenty more chance for airline fun in your future!