Tuesday, December 04, 2007


LOL.. the last punchline from evil Friday is that just now, as I looked for something in my backpack, the missing 1 gig compactflash card fell out of a seam. It was there all the time and thus the panicked run to the Snakeway was completely unecessary.

Ho hum…. A perfectly awful ending to a perfectly awful day that actually ended ok.

Walked to and from work today, which gave me a splendid chance to think about things It was a splendid chance I declined to take. It was too nice to think….

Got the two reviews for Acta Koreana done, and will send them off when I get home tonight. I read online they are refereed, but it doesn’t seem I’m going through that process OR, I’ve misinterpreted and I still have to. Then I need to quickly query the other folks about the piece on Korean Marriage, or a review of Three Generations. Might be too much because..

.. I need to send an email to the chick with the Master’s thesis.. I haven’t heard from her and I will need to work like a maniac to finish it if she still wants it. Maybe I’ll start my reading tonight and take a few notes….. If it’s still on I’ll be huddled in a hotel all weekend. One with a gym ;-)

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