Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oh Frabjous Day

First.. I buy a new Ipod (after I hurled the last one to the ground one too many times - I can't bitch, it lasted 5 years and on the original battery). And it is a thing of beauty and the Apple Store just scans it, hands it to me, and says we'll email you the receipt. In and out in about 3.5 minutes. Beautiful.

Second - meeting with the Pres is as perfect as any I've ever been in. I have everything he asks for, including the things that aren't on our list, and he says if I end up staying next Spring I get me a lovely private office in the Student Center.

Third, I walked in and out of work today, so on the way home I stopped in the local to get a bit of something to ward off the cold. They have installed free wireless access! Fortunately for me I'd left my power cord at work, so I couldn't stay too long in celebration. Besides, I need to work on my conference presentation and the MA for the other person.

But the idea that the wireless will be there when I watch me the NFL whilst drinking an overpriced domestic? Brilliant!

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