Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When Topsy meets Turvy

So.. now "real" work wants me just as my Korean friends seem to have no promise for me.

The President at Swamp Valley College has asked me to continue work there through our upcoming planning process. Part of his request is based on an understanding of what I do and part is based on a relative misunderstanding.

Many moons ago I wrote the only actual "plan" that Swamp Valley College has ever (so far as I know) produced. It had an internal and external environmental scan, demographic projections for the next 5-10 years, and a marketing plan to react to these. And it largely worked.

Which is the source of both his understanding and misunderstanding. I kind of like gathering data (particularly when it contradicts some of the chowderheads in instruction) and scheming off of that. On the other hand, my 'success' would be pretty minor in any other environment... it is only because no one here is intellectually curious about reality (as opposed, I suppose, to their academic endeavors and illy-lit offices) that the stuff I've dug up has any meaning. I mean.. all these clever laddies and ladies, you'd think they'd have seen what was happening around them..

Both points may add up to the same thing, but I think I will commit to this 6 months as SVC, particularly as all of the semi-promises about Korean University have coalesced into two job offers I haven't been suited for. This is sad, but perhaps another 6 months at SVC grinding away on conferences and reviews will break that logjam.

And I probably do have some bargaining stance at SVC for some small changes in condition.

We shall see. I have to bring this all to the president as a package and see what he agrees to.

Still.. it's nice to have a big hairy project to work on again... ;-)

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Anonymous said...

be sure to call your brother in law the Great White Hunter to see what you need to do re salary and PERS retirement stuff.

Georgie is here and she is lovely! (Putting the clean dishes away as I speak--without having been asked too!)

yer sis