Friday, October 12, 2007

I suppose there's no backing out..

after you send an obsequious, yet begging, email like this:
Discussant REDACTED,

Attached is my paper, although I am still making minor changes to try to get it down to 15 minutes speaking time. Also, as this is my first conference, I am willing to make any changes you suggest. I suppose my main concern is that the work is more archeological than theoretical.

I didn't see, on the site, any preferences as to format for citations, or need for bibliography? If there is a standard, please point me to it and I will follow that standard.

Any other expectations a first-timer might be unaware of?

I look forward to meeting you in St. Louis (please send a return mail indicating you received this).


I hope I hit the right combo of suck up, deference, abject deference, and fearful moaning.

We shall see

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