Sunday, September 16, 2012


Second week of school is always a period of "settling in."

Unless things become unsettled..

Which leads us to Tuesday, when I ate the weirdest thing in the world..

And perhaps the evilest..

It looks like this:

Which claims to be something like "dish pizza" or "spoon pizza."  But looked more like what would happen if a French breakfast knocked up an English breakfast and as a result there were a late term abortion.

BTW... late term breakfast abortion tastes AWESOME!

The next day, however?

I was having butt abortions... about every 45 minutes.

so.. enough about that..^^

Then there's this whole Buckwheat Festival thing...

One of the last things my lovely wife did was buy one of those Chia-pet type things that swore Buckwheat Seasons Would Ensue!

I was skeptical and mocking, indulged in some mockumentaion, and thought about creating a mockumentary.

But when she planted it on an Wednesday night?  The next day it looked like this:

 and quickly grew to...

 Shortly thereafter...

 This buckwheat makes pancreatic cancer seem slow moving...

In conclusion, however, I have to say...

My camera sucks, so you really can't see how my nightfall crushes yours!

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