Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Midweakly Report

My goofball wife thudded my plans for a complete night of sleep, and I now sit in my office with a big coffee trying to get my head back into one piece.

This was to be my first Wednesday to sleep in (My gig with TBS eFM), so it's a bit of a tragedy. It is nice to jettison one of my radio shows, because writing the scripts was more onerous than I thought, and particularly for the TBS one. Now I'll have more time for real writing. LOL, if I do it?

On the plus side (as you can read about here on KTLIT) I finally made it to the Seoul Literary Society, and met some rather posh folks. One upshot of this is that the Czech embassy has invited Yvonne (who will be invited if I am not sleepy!^^) and I to a 고기 (meat) festival this Friday night.  It is good to be a relentless social climber!

With the "typhoon" (it was brief and non-impressive in Seoul) gone, we return to night shots like this:

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