Saturday, October 01, 2011

Puttering Saturday

After an awesome Friday and a night of sleep that was good except for.. well..

{Yvonne enters room at 3am}
Charles: "You're going to need to go out and get a blanket."
{Yvonne snatches blanket from off of Charles}
{Charles curses and snatches blanket back }
{making as much noise as humanly possible, Yvonne goes out and gets a blanket she tosses and turns for 15 thoroughly awakening minutes then leaves to sleep on the couch}
{Charles spends 2 hours trying to get back to sleep}

The good news is that I then slept til nearly 11! Then we both headed down the street to get a coffee (mine a delicious double shot) and shop for plants. I bought some green-looking one, for that is what I favor in plants, as well as some fertilizer (비료). The entire project looked like this:

With the project successfully concluded (use your imagination - it's that plant in a larger pot), nothing was left but to continue to monitor the chicken stock from Wednesday night's chicken dinner.

Yvonne is off to Gwangwhamun, so I'm at home to do a bit of cleaning, and write a couple of articles that are coming due.

Windows and shades open as it is a lovely day in Seoul...

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Anonymous said...

must be something in the air. I went out and bought herbs to grow in the small planters which hang on my deck railing -- parseley, lemon thyme -- that kind of thing. Looks lovely and seems to be growing. With your cooooking skiillls you ought to try that!