Sunday, August 28, 2011

Forget dogmeat.. eat a stupid horsie!

Over at Roboseyo's website, some cultural imperialists are arguing it is wrong to eat dog meat. These folks are mainly vegetarians (LAME!) and vegans (LAMEST!), who I will not judge, for judgment is wrong (THEY ARE LAME AND DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THEIR TEETH ARE FOR!). Then there are the idiots who claim that dogs are different from other meat because they fetch our newspapers and can lick their own balls (these anthropomorphists, I believe, are jealous of that and thus over idealize dogs).

But forget dogs... you can eat an animal that is a pet, a source of travel and in Black Velvet.

Yup, on Jeju you can eat stoopid horsies!

We got in the restaurant accidentally, because it said "Galbijjim" (Imagine that in Korean, if you can). But we sat down and I noticed there were "course" meals that included all kinds of weird things that are NEVER together in a normal Korean restaurant: sashimi, galbijjim, some soups, etc). The galbijjim landed and was very gamey... I then looked over my shoulder and saw 말고기 (horse flesh) which is a way a live horse is never described..

Suddenly it all came together and I realized all the pictures of the noble horses running on the beach, nuzzling their puppies (or whatever little horses are called), and rearing up on their back legs?

That was to get my appetite going!

Yvonne ate it up like it was morphine-based candy!


Anonymous said...

old parent: ate horsemeat during ww11, kid! don't remember it being tasty, though.

Charles Montgomery said...

LOL... I never said it tasted good.. it's like the stuff you son-in-law kills.. it needs to be served with a lot of other stuff around it..

Unrelated.. I am trying to scheme a trip to Texas this winter.. Yonhap better pay me some big correspondent money.^^

Anonymous said...

fimgers crossed then. Texas, where? Seeing David and Aitou and kids in October -- Houston and here.

Anonymous said...

Dan and I are going to Panama in early/mid let us know when you are planning on heading US way. I do remember Dad bringing horsemeat home and trying it back in the early 70's(?). IIRC it was covered in charcoal so as to make it "not for human consumption"....

yer sis

John from Daejeon said...


Don't know if you know, but Mike McStay is not doing very well.