Friday, September 17, 2010

At the Soccer Game

Shots from Seoul FC blowing Daegu FC out of the water. I went with my e-friend Tuttle, and had a splendid time. The stadium is great.

The inside is also pretty coo, but the rain scared away most Koreans (it was "foreigners" day)...And some wacky Adjumma decided to watch the second half from the rail, which blocked the view of most of our section!

Leftovers from Typhoon Kompasu

The typhoon two weeks ago beat Korea like a middle-aged wife (oooooouch~)...

The main gate of the school was closed because three trees had fallen across it, and as I traversed the bottom of the campus to get to the subway gate, there were three more trees down.

I got to work and talked to my boss, who had rushed in early that morning as she had left her car at the school overnight... She was pleased to see it had not been hit by anything and moved it to a place unencumbered by overlooking trees.

Then she went to get a relaxing cup of coffee at the on-campus Holly's. At which point an enormous branch snapped off above the Holly's, whomped onto the roof over which she sat, rolled back.. and came down balanced against the glass wall at which she was sitting, branch pointed as though a message from Mother Nature that you can run, but eventually you can't hide!

I, of course, didn't bring my camera til yesterday when everything was cleaned up except off-trail stuff at Namsan, which I took some pictures of.

Here is a standard variety tree fallen across a boy-scout trail.

Here is a more dramatic problem..

And today, when I hiked over to home? It was gone (And now you can see the lovely trees behind it in their "soon to be cut down for being tipped over" glory)!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Me, On the Radio

Take a wander over to KTLIT and click on the lovely link, to hear about a 10 minute interview with me...

Right Here!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Winn3rZ from WiNNrdom!

A grey sprinkly day here, but no so heavy that I couldn't take a ramble in over Namsan. The halmoni were out on the bridge from the Hyatt to Namsan Park, giving away free iced coffee. As soon as that got in the bloodstream the day took on a happier air. Because of the sprinkles, no Koreans to speak of were out (as tough as Koreans are about most things, if they can be sissies about the weather they will go full-sissy at the slightest opportunity).

Walking over Namsan there is a little break to the left with a very green meadow and for some reason it flashed an entirely different picture into my head - the Tuolomne Meadows as you start down towards Yosemite Valley. For the first time in a long time I felt a bit homesick. Can't wait to get back to The Empire in Decay (TED hereafter).

On the getting famous front, an article on me that was going to be in Koreana this fall has been pushed back to the winter issue. No sweat there.

I guest-starred on the maiden broadcast of a radio show called "Bloggers Roundtable" and this has apparently lead to my not only being on that show, but a segment (details are being worked out) on translated Korean lit that will air bi-weekly.

To add a slight frosting of powdered-sugar to all this honey, Kim Young-ha's translator is in town for a conference and has agreed to an interview with me. This will mean I'll have an interview with Kim himself, the review, and and interview with the translator.

If I can't turn that into a publication somewhere decent, I need to turn in my "Weasel: First-Class with Decorative Fringe and Extra Lube' ribbon.

For now, I think the search for more coffee must proceed.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


My students often wear English T-shirts that they don't quite understand, but this one was cute to me, because it is one of my favorite seminal bands..

LOL - I'm in class with 45 students...

Demonstrating how to use blogger. Thailand pics will go up tonight!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Summer Breaking.. Beauty!

It was hottish today, but windy and clear... a nice enough day to walk into work over Namsan which, despite substantial damage from the Typhoon, was green and practically glowing. The wind was pushing loose leaves, litte branches, dust and other detritus sprung loose by the Typhoon in little circles and then long waves down the asphalt... just a perfect fall day.....

And, my iPod was playing songs that sounded like they had been picked just for me! How weird is that.?

The semester is coming together well.. two classes are kind of cut and dried and the only trauma was that I was told that I was teaching a US/UK culture class when it turned out to be a class in Multi-cultural studies. So I'm kind of scrambling to get that one together, but it just means that I'll have another class totally prepped when this semester ends, since the US/UK one I prepared is pretty perfect.

I was a guest on TVS eFM last night (the English radio station here) and it seems it may lead to a regular spot doing a segment on Korean literature - it also led to a couple of people following me on twitter, which isn't really spectacular news, but it means that someone will be listening.

Now I have to figure out my flights to New Zealand for this December..