Friday, September 17, 2010

Leftovers from Typhoon Kompasu

The typhoon two weeks ago beat Korea like a middle-aged wife (oooooouch~)...

The main gate of the school was closed because three trees had fallen across it, and as I traversed the bottom of the campus to get to the subway gate, there were three more trees down.

I got to work and talked to my boss, who had rushed in early that morning as she had left her car at the school overnight... She was pleased to see it had not been hit by anything and moved it to a place unencumbered by overlooking trees.

Then she went to get a relaxing cup of coffee at the on-campus Holly's. At which point an enormous branch snapped off above the Holly's, whomped onto the roof over which she sat, rolled back.. and came down balanced against the glass wall at which she was sitting, branch pointed as though a message from Mother Nature that you can run, but eventually you can't hide!

I, of course, didn't bring my camera til yesterday when everything was cleaned up except off-trail stuff at Namsan, which I took some pictures of.

Here is a standard variety tree fallen across a boy-scout trail.

Here is a more dramatic problem..

And today, when I hiked over to home? It was gone (And now you can see the lovely trees behind it in their "soon to be cut down for being tipped over" glory)!

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