Friday, May 22, 2009

The Second Wave

Namsan is changing, as it does.

The bright blossom colors from this day have gone away.

Still, the greenosity is epic.


compares to this (click ya genius!) in that apples and oranges way.

And the once gnarled Rose of Sharon (click here, ok?) now looks like this:

meaning the field of ochre that was this link.. is now this field of green

And the blossoms be coming baby, the blossoms be coming!

One more pretty time before the heat killlessez...


Anonymous said...

Ah, horticulture! Ain't she wonderful?

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you give that guy who was the Ex-pres a hand in his trip down the hill?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'll bet he was the "bodyguard" on the hike -- trying to give the former pres an up-close look at some of the landscaping down below! ;-p