Sunday, May 24, 2009

Man, I love me some Bit-Torrent

Yeah.. I paid for the Ron Wood album when it came out.. but it is gone now... The intarwebs bring back a bit of prophecy:

Maybe I'm right
And you're wrong it doesn't matter
In the course of our lifetimes
You'll surely start running away
We'll wait and see about that

But if you don't stay with me, baby
Well, if you don't stay with me baby
I'll be right there in your mirror
When you get old
And we all get old


talk about lack of buyers' regret!

And Keef on lead!


Anonymous said...

I still have a copy in the original vinyl.....


Charles Montgomery said...

"Vinyl?" Don't they use that on couch upholstery?

Yeah, I think way back in the day it was you who turned me on to the album...

Anonymous said...

now it's used for "Soju Dildos"....


Anonymous said...

LOL! That's how they keep their svelte physiques.