Friday, February 20, 2009

Leaving Daze..

It continues to snow in big, gustly flurries, here in Daejeon. But I got up early-ish and headed to my BPU office to clean it out, and get everything off the computer. This task is slowed by the fact that my PC is painfully slow copying files, and I am snagging, among other things, all 45 episodes of Monty Python (Nerd!).

Got in at about 10 and it is now going on 2, with completion just coming in sight. When I leave this particular office, I will not be returning. Tonight I bring some things to the OAFs pad for safekeeping, and on Monday I begin my move up to Seoul (as well as some consultation on the horrifice 110 page editing job I just did) by bringing a suitcase full of books and printed out articles.

This afternoon I will also clear up whatever else I need to do with immigration. I understand all but two of the documents they are requesting, and I will have my friend M give immigration a call to get clarity on the other two.

This whole crazy plan might work out - I can get into my work office on the 25th, and pick up the key to my apartment on the 26th. Do some moving on the 27th and spend the next two days making sure I have all my ducks in a row for instruction.


Anonymous said...

"...ducks in a row for instruction."

Are we to understand you will be teaching ducks now? I just don't understand.


rwellor said...

Be vewwy quiet.. I'm teaching ducks..

Anonymous said...

I hear they taste like chicken.