Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More good, more fun

After my last semi-whine I must note.. I went to my super-local for some crackers and beer, and the halabogee was hanging with another dude drinking some beer and eating something scabrous from a tin.

I aplogized to the storekeep that my backpack was full (except I couldn't remember the word for "full") and asked if the guys were chinan chingu?
They were... the other dude IMMEDIATELY poured me a glass of beer, handed me some horrible sea-thing on a toothpick and started chatting as best we could....

I had to leave before I was forced to eat all the sea-things and drink all the beer.

Whatever the opposite of the "microagression" is? This was that thing.

Live in Korea as a friendly person?

Watch TFO as it will come back to you in waves...^^

With luck, in  a few days I'll post some stuff from the kTO tour Yvonne and I were comped...

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