Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Malaysia Day Six.... the long walk to nowhere

Day six and seven were just different versions of wandering about. On day six we tried to catch the last of the spots that Google has listed for used bookstores, which required us to travel back down towards the Clan Jettys and just come across what we come across. That included a couple of inscrutable temples, which are shown just below.

The "bookstores" on the other hand, were all actually book publishers picked up by Google's lazy search algorithm. 


No incense
Yvonne, as always missing no opportunity to piss of the locals, made sport of several representations of grand men.

Of course we ended up back to the Red Garden Food Paradise and I made the mistake I make in every country (and will make again in Melbourne) of trying to eat Korean food overseas. With the exception of a few places in California, this never ends well, and this time was not different as the kimbap arrived limp, covered in a thick layer of grease that is clear even in my non-photograpic quality photograph, and full of chewy tastelessness. Yvonne had one piece, sneered, and returned to contemplating the various duck dishes offered at the place.

Tomorrow would mark our last full day in Penang, and we felt a bit like the jungle
At least, my stomach did, after that kimbap.

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