Saturday, May 04, 2013

UnSprung Forward

A lovely walk to work... Had to won the wild  right side of the road, because I'm allergic to some yellow flower that blankets the wall on the right side. Still, gave me a chance to walk past some rather pretty flowers and stop to take a picture of them with the trusty Iphone.

At the top of the hill is this impenetrable collection of signs - perhaps it says "Danger, The Catholic Snowman..." well, that's where it kind of breaks apart for me, so suggest whatever you might
Then it's a quick path up to the Sanchaek-ro, the walking/biking path that circles Namsan. LOL, this isn't even the part that has the stream.

Starting to get hit by students who need help with next year's applications, or letters of recommendation. I'm happy to report that they aren't waiting for 'the day before the due date' as much as they used to.

Other than that, had a dinner with an agent who is interested in me writing a book along the lines of the "Looking for Hong-Gildong" project that I'm working on the KTLIT site.

Should be fun, and got Yvonne and I to head over the river and get library cards at the National Library and National Digital Library. I produce this high-velocity tripe-spatter at a coffee shop before the walk begins... I figure, maybe an hour to get there und moderate sun and immoderate headphones, then... well, I'll snap some shots their, because the digital library has something quite cool about it..

Other than that, living on the financial downlow to be able to finance my upcoming trip with the Eds and then the summer trip to Australia, Malaysia, and either Vietnam or Thailand.

Semi-lazy days interspersed with brief bursts of crazy productivity (often when I wake up in the early morning and everything is quiet). Yvonne is off learning German, which she is certain will prove invaluable in communicating with the savage nationals of this unusual country. I am not one to chivvy her beliefs, as it means she has Saturday mornings at the Summer "Concentrate on German Camp."

I might have chosen a different name.^^

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