Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Book? By Me?

Seems possible and verging on likely....

for a series of presentations I'll be doing in Kuala Lumpur and Seoul, I've been developing a kind of "Idiot's Guide to Korean Literature."  This is partly to cement my own understanding about all this shite I'm supposed to be an 'expert' on - since as they say, you never learn something so well as when you teach it. It's also because it would be a killer handout at the presentation.

It's also forcing me to delve into things I'm quite ignorant about, already including classical Korean literature and soon to include its poetry....

In a lunch with the division, this popped up and professor Cho (who is kind of our big powerful dude in the institution) asked me about my plans and when I mentioned this and that I was going to take it to LTI and other places after I had the rough draft done, he nearly choked up his kimchi jiggae. He said, no, let's do this as a bilingual book and publish it through Dongguk's academic press.

To which, after exploring what that would mean for my copyright rights, I agreed. So it seems like the thing is on.

I present in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 7th, and hope to have a complete rough-rough draft by that time.  Then, I present again in Seoul on March 31, at which time I should have a 'real' rough draft. I set that down for a month while I re-read all my source materials, then have a go at a final draft.

Should be fun.^^


Paul Matthews said...

Congratulations! That's great news! I shall be sure to purchase a copy.

London Korean Links said...

I look forward to reading it