Friday, June 29, 2012

Spring Semester Ends - Spring Rolls DIE!!

Aaah.. went to work and stayed until 5, because that's when grade changes ended. Not so many requests this year.

Headed home and the wife was out, so I stopped at the Thai place and got their super-burny chicken rice.  Grabbed a beer and headed home.

Wife had been home (determined by phone call) just before I got there and had left the AC on which is brilliant. Ate the food, have sipped some of the beer, may just nap.

The last two days were the IFC Colloquium, which was brilliant, but far away and a lot of time. On the positive side I am now a $500 an event speaker, which will totally disappear when I return to the Empire.^^

This weekend is for reading and editing.... how sweet is that?

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