Monday, February 13, 2012

Hong Kong - The Day Four

Manana, and we headed back into HK to see if we could get into a bookstore that still seemed to be in business - we could see shelves and shelves of books, just couldn't access them.

Again, no luck, but when we headed to the Starbucks and found an internet connection, we discovered that the bookstore didn’t open until noon. We had been to it just after noon on the first try, but the owner was on Hong Kong time. So, we stalled in the Starbucks and then headed up to our meeting with the editors of the Asian Literary Review for lunch.

Lunch was grand… I talked with Kathleen and Kelly for about 2 hours and I think we worked out some cool projects to collaborate on in the future. More info about that will pop up on the blog as it occurs. Kathleen and Kelly both recommended that we visit Macao the following day (which made Yvonne immoderately happy as this had been in her mind from day one - tomorrow's post will reveal the sickening 'why?' to that). As we were heading near the harbour to see the museum, they also recommended that we have a drink at a hotel (near the museum) called the intercontinental, before we headed back to our hotel in the New Territories.

So we headed back across the harbour to have a beer at the bistro we had visited the previous day, and then off to the museum. We got there and noticed a sign that said “last entry at 5:30.” As we were reading this it was 5:15. We had foolishly assumed that since the sister museum closed at 9pm, this one did as well. This was not true; it closed at 6pm so we were suddenly in a big hurry.

We raced through the museum, which was expansive yet rather maze-like (Yvonne immediately took off towards the horizon with our map, so I was a bit lost at times). The museum was cool, though it seemed to get thinner and thinner the closer it got to the present and the post 1997 era was basically represented by one video, which we were too late to see. Still, it was nice enough, and it turned out Wednesday was “free day,” so we didn’t have to pay anything.
The enormous Ooga, Booga, and Wooga

We walked down towards the tube-station, because we saw from the map that one of the Intercontinental hotels was in that direction. This brought us to the waterfront, though it was obscured by construction. Once in the Intercontinental though, the view was grand, and outside the window we could see the promenade. We ordered a delicious if pricey sampler tray and drinks.
In the background, Yvonne adds her 13th packet of sugar to a cup of tea.

Then, it was out to the promenade, to get a clearer view of Hong Kong across the harbour. A nearly staggering view, with barges, cruise ships, and party boats rolling by regularly.

Sitting by the dock of the bay...

Unfortunately, my evil wife would not let me stop at the "beer deck" for just one more drink, and we staggered off to the hotel.
The unexplored beer shop. :-(

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