Saturday, November 19, 2011

After the Fallout, Fallen, I Fall for you...

I have a $500 job for Daesan Foundation (screening some translated fiction) that I need to finish. so it was quickly up to the Hyatt to spend 40 bucks on a green tea, coffee, and apple-crumble and then a walk over the hill to work. There is still a substantial amount of Fall in the air, and I had to stop and take a picture when I spotted an ajjumah who had dressed to accoutre the trees.

Then, as "Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding" came into the earbugs, I turned the corner on the Dongguk Tomb (of the unknown student?), where I stopped for a melancholy meditation on mortality.

But it got a bit cold, so I moved on (LOL - the earth is, as Sydney Smith once said, a coarse enough place).

Now, with Elton John (flashback!) pumping on the speakers, I'm trying to do some work.

Sort of failing.^^


Anonymous said...

forty bucks for ????
seems a bit much but I guess you high paid consultant/translators can easily afford it.

Charles Montgomery said...

It was far too much. But the wife insisted on coffee and when we got to the base of Namsan, everything else was closed.

Still.. great view, awesome classical music, subservient help, and columns that were clearly ionic, dorian, or something else...^^

I'd do it again, but not too often. ;-)

Anonymous said...

have the wife pay next time! :-O


Anonymous said...

dorian? Doric? Dorian Gray??