Saturday, January 08, 2011

It's a Deep Purple Kind of Day!

Beauty.... it won't get below negative 8 today... some incredibly light snow flashing around horizontally. A fusion breakfast of half a tortilla, an orange and a tuna kimbab. Now, with the coffee in the cup and the rock and roll blasting on the office speakers, as is temporarily well.

Navigating the campus today is a bit ragged as it seems to be one of the days that freshmen and their families come on campus and the traffic control guys are all over the place - like epileptic rats on speed, attempting to cope with something they never thought possible: an entire generation of older Korean who are incapable of reading traffic signs, even those as simple as arrows.

I'm safe for now. And my office is clean, since the Arirang TV people came by last Thursday to film intro and B-roll for my upcoming show. They were super-pro; in and out of the classroom in less than 20 minutes, and then interviews with two students and Rob, from Roboseyo, whose interview answer was one-take and complete (and awfully nice). I commented on that, and he said, "toastmasters." LOL.. when he had to teach a speech class he enrolled, just to perfect his own skills.

Now it's time to print out some stuff for a writing job, go bookshopping and get home to clean the place up - we have a couch-surfer coming in tomorrow and I want to make an entirely artificial impact. ^^

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"my upcoming show" -- wow!!