Monday, November 08, 2010

weekend wastrelsy

Spent Saturday in the office working on various presentation things and getting my roll-sheets in order.

Saturday night was off to Sonofactory in Hongdae for a Nanoomi party at which I was also a presenter - giving my super-charged little speech on Social Media and the "task ahead" in popularizing Korean lit overseas. I was able to steal some slides from the presentation I'm preparing for next Saturday. Also, I'm a pretty good speaker now that I've been teaching the speech classes for a few years. A couple of tricks... put down the microphone, work the room, hold a glass of magkeolli. I made everyone shut up for the duration of my talk, which was more than the other speakers could do. ^^

That super fuzzy picture is of me in mid-rant.

Yvonne had a great time as well, she met the wife of my Radio-host-dude friend and they exchanged cards.

Yesterday was just about the lolling about......

Back to the grind today, it's cold and the fall leaves are swirling up off of Namsan like little red and yellow cyclones. Quite a view...

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Anonymous said...

STOP!!! Did I just read "They exchanged cards" in reference to your wife?