Sunday, August 15, 2010


Get away day was fine, except we got a bit lost at Yongsan looking for the airport limousine. After a few hectic, and sweaty minutes running all around, I spotted the sign (thank god for my limited Korean!) and we were off to the airport.

I've raved enough about Incheon, but this time I discovered and even newer great thing - NAVER has built a free internet cafe with about 30 laptops ... you can just walk in and use their computers for free. Totally cool.

We had Galbijim (or something quite like it) for breakfast and different lunches. I had a hotdog, and Yvonne, continuing to work on her case of adult onset diabetes, had two chocolate muffins. On the first leg of our flight, to Taiwan, we were fed a delicious meal by the airline. The other passengers were really rowdy, hollering and refusing to wear seatbelts. All Taiwanese, if language was any clue, but totally different from flying on predominantly Korean flights.

We had to offboard in Taiwan so they could clean the plane. A boring hour in a sterile room Because this was Taiwan, we had no currency to spend (they accept about 4, but not the won or baht) and there were no conversion kiosks in sight.

We got back on the plane and into the air, and some woman in front of us got really sick. They had to pull out the oxygen cannister and everything. Once that got settled down they offered us another meal. I was far too stuffed, but Yvonne, true to her form, ordered her 4th meal of the day and chowed it down. The only concession she made to being full already, was she didn't eat the octopus part of the side-dish, and ate out the pie-section of her dessert, leaving a little bit of crust behind.

We landed and cruised through customs - we had only brought carryon. In the airport lobby, Yvonne ignored my pointing out the free shuttle bus and headed us to the metered taxi. This turned out to be a little expensive, but worse, the dude just dropped us off somewhere "close" to our hotel. Thankfully, a super-helpful Thai guy gave us direction... we walked off and, just as we exited a 7-11 after asking for a second round of directions, the same guy drove by us on a motor-scooter going the other way and said "right there" and pointed to our hotel.

He had got his scooter, and driven up there to make sure we got to the right place!


It was raining and late... we went to the store to get water and beer and... oooops! Thailand is like England used to be.. they have "hours" for selling alcohol, and after 12 selling ceases. I'm assuming, given Thailand's party reputation for foreigners, this is only true of off-premises sales.

Anyway, there was beer in the fridge, so I had a couple and we passed out in a heap...

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